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ISO 20000 Certificate

ISO/IEC 20000 is a universal IT standard that permits organizations to show their excellence and demonstrate best practice in IT direction. This standard guarantees an organization to achieve latest benchmarks in the IT services. ISO/IEC 20000 was issued in 2005 depending upon the It framework library (ITIL®) best practice structure, and then again redesigned in 2011.

The selection of ISO 20000 India has developed quickly in the global arena of IT service suppliers and it has turned into a focused differentiator for the delivery of excellent IT services. ISO 20000 is comprised of mainly two dissimilar parts:

  • The Specification: ISO20000-1 characterizes the necessities for a service supplier to deliver managed services.
  • The Code of Practice: ISO20000-2 portrays point by point the best practices for the courses of action characterized inside the ISO 20000-1 standard.

In general, these standards mainly offer key service forms: Service Delivery, Release, Resolution, Control and Relationship,

Benefits of ISO 20000 Implementation

  • Alignment of information technology services and business strategy. 
  • Creation of a formal framework for current service improvement projects
  • Provides a benchmark type comparison with best practices
  • Creates competitive advantage via the promotion of consistent and cost-effective services.
  • By requiring ownership and responsibility at all levels, it creates a progressive ethos and culture.
  • Supports 'interchanging' of service providers and staff by virtue of the creation of inter-enterprise operational processes.
  • Reduction of risk and thus cost in terms of external service receipt
  • Through the creation of a standard consistent approach, aids major organizational changes.
  • Enhanced reputation and perception
  • Fundamental shift to pro-active rather than re-active processes
  • Improved relationship between different departments via better definition and more clarity in terms of responsibility and goals.
  • Creation of a stable framework for both resource training and service management automation.

Who is it applicable to?

The ISO 20000 standard is applicable to organizations of all sizes, which are:

  • Providers of ‘Managed IT Services’.
  • Businesses that are outsourcing their IT services
  • Internal IT departments / businesses managing their own IT services.

ISO 20000 certification provides a trust and confidence to customers and partners that your organization has processes and procedures in place to demonstrate compliance with IT Best Practices.

Organizations of all types, sectors and sizes can improve their performance through the implementation of this standard.

How can ISO - India help you to get ISO 20000 Certification?

ISO - India will help your acquaintanceship in inside assessing, accreditations, arranging ISO discernment, and execution. ISO - India is capable in outfitting right and authentic practices to enhance the quality and essential probability of your organization and also provide additional options of offering profit oriented results for the growth of your business. We want to create an environment for your organization in which you can be able to drive maximum productivity opportunities.

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